August 11, 2014

Cue the palazzos...

Hey lovelies, 
Well, as you read this, I'm a little farther away than normal. 1,700 miles away from my home in St. Louis, to be exact! Yes, you read that correct...which could only mean one thing...I'm back in Guatemala! One of my closest friends, Eleazar, is getting married! I knew I just had to be there for him on his big day! The thought of him getting married to his precious fiancĂ© Celina just makes my heart so incredibly happy! You know those people who you just know were just made for each other? Yeah, that would be Eleazar & Celina for you!

One of the things I struggled with when I was planning the details of living in Guatemala for the month of June was the fashion. Because I lived in a small, indigenous pueblo, the clothing was very, very, very conservative. We're talkin' ankle length skirts, high ~ necked blouses that had around 3/4 length sleeves. While I wanted to abide by this in order to be respectful & not seem like some indecent gringa, my fashion ~ obsessed self was having an inner meltdown at the thought of what my outfit choices would look like. 

Enter palazzo pants. Thank you Jesus for making these style of pants an actual trend for summer 2014 ~ modest, cool & breezy and fashionable?! Cue the fist pumping. So, during the month of June when I lived in Guatemala, even though I brought a plethora of maxi skirts, dresses and various other styles of pants, palazzo pants were the ones I chose to wear over and over again. For this current trip, I online stalked all my options from Forever 21 before finally deciding to add THIS pair to my collection. SO incredibly obsessed. 

Below, you will see an outfit I created that utilizes palazzo pants with travel in mind {click the photo for a link for purchasing info for the items}. If you're traveling to a part of the world where you don't have to worry about being very conservative, you can definitely pair palazzo pants with a crop top like the one I chose below from Topshop. Otherwise, a simple tee will work just fine! Most days in Guatemala, I would wear palazzo pants, a black t-shirt and a scarf for an effortlessly bohemian vibe, all the while staying very modest. 

If I could, I'd grab each of these items right off of the computer screen in front of me. But, even though I don't own any of these things, this is definitely the vibe I'm channeling for my outfits for Guatemala round dos! Well, I've gotta go ~ I have a wedding to get ready for! 

Much love! 


August 7, 2014

Explore KC ~ Coffee 2.0

Hello lovelies, 
If you've been reading the blog for any time at all, you definitely have picked up on the fact that I love coffee. At any given point of the day, I am caffeinated and range from 2 ~ 7 cups of coffee a day.  My local baristas know my order by heart, we're good enough friends that we exchange stories about our lives on a daily basis, follow each other on Instagram, know each other's friends, etc. It's a little ridiculous, truth be told... :) Now, I realize that because of the convenience of Starbucks (exactly 1.9 miles from my house to be exact.) I have gotten used to the mediocre quality of their coffee. Now, I am a huuuugggee fan of local coffee shops and always opt for one of those when I'm not running short on time. 

Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters

 Thanks to an Instagram recommendation, I found out about Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters! The shop is located in the Crossroads Art District in downtown KC and has just such a great vibe. Not only do I love supporting local coffee shops, but Thou Mayest served up the best latte I have ever had. Not even lying. And I've tasted a lot of lattes in my eighteen years...

The Roasterie

The Roasterie was such a great place to explore! Saturday morning, we took a tour of the factory to see how air roasted coffee is made. What a process! Probably my favorite part though of the tour was the end when we saw cupping demonstrations and learned how to properly brew, store and serve coffee in your home. I want to learn how to brew coffee better and a Chemex brewer is definitely on my Christmas list (yes, I know it's only August, but hey, you can never be too prepared, am I right?!) so these demonstrations definitely had my full attention! 

Quay Coffee

Another fave was Quay Coffee, located in the River Market District. Along with the super mod, chic decor, I loved this coffee shop also because of their mission statement. Quay coffee does everything they can to promote social justice, so they support many organizations both locally and globally. I'm so impressed with their coffee and their hearts. <3 

Hope you have time on your next trip to KC to check out some of these new faves of mine! 
Much love, 

August 6, 2014

Explore KC - Things to Do!

Hello lovelies, 
As I mentioned the other day, we spent this past weekend in Kansas City, MO for a getaway weekend! We went for a friend's birthday party, but also turned it into a family adventure since I don't have that many days left here in St. Louis with the family before I head off to college. Thanks to Instagram and some recommendations from friends, we not only hit some of the typical tourist spots but also some local's favorites as well! Only having three days to cover the city, I feel like we did quite the impressive job! 

Country Club Plaza is such a great place to shop! Not only are there typical stores you'd find at the mall like American Eagle and J.Crew, there are also some really amazing high end fashion houses like Valentino and Burberry that are in the Plaza as well. Live musicians, painters, and all kinds of street performers fill the streets to create an amazing atmosphere that clearly attracted tourists and locals alike. I could definitely spend a ton more time here if given the opportunity! 

I loved spending time walking around the grounds of the Nelson Atkins Art Museum! The lawn sculptures are such a well known attraction, but it just doesn't seem right to go to KC and miss the opportunity to take pictures with them in person!

I just love a good shopping center and I love it even more when that shopping center is basically a little city within itself. Zona Rosa is a little bit of a drive from downtown KC but well worth it. There are so many shopping opportunities, restaurants and other fun things to do in Zona Rosa...and the layout is just the coolest thing! Definitely check it out on your next trip to KC! Photo of Zona Rosa found here...

Here are some more photos from our fun weekend! I just love Kansas City! Definitely want to head back for another weekend soon to see even more sights (I'm definitely trying to grab up some tickets to the October concert to see Enrique Iglesias in KC so I can have another excuse to come back to this incredible city, haha)!

Have a happy Wednesday, lovelies!
xoxo & much love,

August 4, 2014

[Year ~ Round Powerhouse Pieces]

Hello lovelies,
Remember this past winter when I blogged about being so obsessed with my new kimono? My $22.80 Forever 21 purchase in January was probably my best clothing purchase so far in 2014. Not only has my kimono journeyed all over St. Louis with me (like when I wore it for Best Friends Style in the Delmar Loop) but it has also accompanied me over the past several months on vacations to Chicago, Florida, Guatemala and this past weekend in Kansas City. I love that whether you wear kimonos with thick long sleeves and jeans or shorts and a tank top, they can turn your outfit into a statement in any weather...Clearly, I really believe in the power of buying powerhouse items for your closet that you can wear year~round in a variety of ways. This weekend, I packed my kimono for our getaway weekend to Kansas City and I wore it as we explored Country Club Plaza and the Nelson Atkins Art Museum. I love this outfit because it keeps you really cool in toasty weather as well as makes a fun statement! Look below for my favorite kimonos that are out right now! 
Much love, 

// Shop my favorites // #1 Forever 21 // #2 Hollister // #3 Topshop // #4 American Eagle //

August 1, 2014

Weekend Getaway

Happy weekend, lovelies! 
This weekend, we're headed for a family weekend away to Kansas City to visit some friends. We'll be out on the town shopping, having backyard BBQs and just having tons of fun in general. I knew I wanted to have several different outfit options since we don't really have an exact schedule for the weekend, which means we could be doing a lot of different types of activities. The thing is, I didn't want to bring a big suitcase with me, so I created a grouping of outfits that comfortably fit in a small duffel all the while allowing plenty of different options! {side note: How cute is the Stella & Dot duffel below?! Crushing so hard on the print!} Anyway, since the variety of activities going on this weekend could literally be well...anything...I wanted to be prepared without over-packing. Letting simplicity be my guide, here are my picks for a quick weekend away! 

Weekend Getaway

Since I've been on a health/fitness kick lately, I've been thinking a lot about how to incorporate workout gear into my daily outfits still while looking super trendy and fashionable. The Finish Line has some great Nike joggers that can work as both workout leggings and regular pants. That's why I love my first outfit combo so much because with two tops and these joggers, I can be ready at the drop of a hat to either have a fun night out on the town looking cute in the H&M boho tunic or go have an outdoor adventure in the Free People workout tank! 

Since a small duffel bag/backpack sized carrier doesn't allow for that many clothes, I knew I wanted to find a pair of shoes that could work for a really long walk outdoors as well as function as a cute pair of shoes to go with dresses. Thankfully, Birkenstocks are entering the fashion scene once again, so I think I can manage only bringing one pair of shoes for the trip!  Of course being in a big city with a great shopping scene calls for a cute dress and hat, so I was super excited to see this adorable Topshop dress while shopping online! And isn't the Anthropologie swimsuit just the cutest? Speaking of Anthro, I can't wait to get shopping because we will literally have an Anthro and Free People right outside our hotel! Ya, I'm going to do some damage this weekend...I can just feel it! 

Have a happy weekend and I hope you enjoyed the packing tips! 
xoxo & much love, 

July 29, 2014

Guatemala in 4 Minutes.

I've been working on this video since I came home from Guatemala this month! Now, it's finally finished and I think it really captures some of my favorite parts of the trip in a way that I love! 
Happy Tuesday!
Much love, 

July 23, 2014

Stylin' in the City!

Tonight, Mom and I headed down to the city to just enjoy the beautiful evening. While St. Louis evenings are usually scorchers, tonight was simply perfect! Sometimes, it's nice just to get a change of scenery and to be able to do a little exploring around your own city! We walked all around and I got a chance to visit the new Lululemon store we have {side note ~ isn't their colorful storefront just adorable?! see pictures below}. I recently have started running on a regular basis, so it's definitely fun to check out cute workout gear! Currently my favorite thing from Lululemon is this pair of running crops.  Aren't they the cutest? Also, I'm just currently so happy for nights like these with my Mamma. This summer is really, really great. 
Much love, Olivia

I'm wearing...
// top ~ Marshall's // shorts ~ last summer The Limited (but they still sell similar shorts here) // necklace ~ Nordstrom // shoes ~ Target //

I am all about statement necklaces like mine from Nordstrom! Whether I'm dressing up a white t-shirt and denim shorts or adding it to an outfit like this, I am just obsessed! Where do you get your favorite statement necklaces? 

July 22, 2014

Favorite Nordstrom Deals!

Good morning, lovelies! 
As I'm sure you know by now, Nordstrom is in the midst of basically their most fabulous sale of the year ~ their anniversary sale! It ends on August 4th, so if I were you, I would head over to the site to check out the deals. ASAP. ***Caution ~ you better have at least an hour of free time on your hands, because these deals are SO good you won't be simply clicking around for a second*** Also a side note is that I'm not getting paid to write this and no one asked me to write this ~ I'm just that excited about the sale, haha! 

Whether you're ready to make a big haul purchase or just buy something for fun, there is definitely something there for you! And, if you happen to want to get me a present first day of college, or my half birthday or some other non-important holiday, you should grab me this necklace or these wedges! ;) 

Well, now it looks like it's your time to hit the virtual isles and let the fun begin! Happy shopping and let me know what fun things you find! 
Much love,

Favorite Nordstrom Deals!

July 18, 2014

Shopping Ethically While Abroad!

Hello lovelies, 
Today, I am guest posting over at The Fair Trade Fashionistas, the blog my Noonday friend Brandi writes! I am talking about shopping ethically and what that looks like while traveling abroad. When I was in Guatemala, I realized several different things about the way shopping is different than here in the U.S. If you'll be doing any traveling abroad soon, definitely check it out! 
Much love, 

July 15, 2014

¡Guate Street Style!

While I was in Guatemala last month, I was busily working on my internship for College Fashionista in between buying the night's worth of tortillas and selling blankets and backpacks in the mercado. I was really impressed with the amount of street fashion I found around Guatemala, specifically in Antigua. I decided to share some of my favorite street style photos of fashion there, but you can click on the link under the photo to read my articles about that specific outfit on College Fashionista! 

It always interests me to see how people represent their personalities through the way they style their outfits. While fashion is one of my biggest passions, I have never had any interest in catwalk fashion. You know what I mean - the models with bright pink and purple eyeshadow and lipstick strutting down the runway in their Alexander McQueen gowns or Christian Louboutin heels. Too unattainable. But street style fashion on the other hand, ahhh, there is just something about walking down the street and being able to admire and appreciate all the amazing styling of real, normal people walking on the sidewalk next to you. So, as I continue my journey as a Style Guru Fashion Intern for College Fashionista, you can join me on my personal site for the company here so you can stay up to date on the latest street style trends coming from all over the world! From Guatemala to the Midwest, I'm covering my favorite outfits I see on a daily basis! 
Much love, 
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