May 14, 2015

{The How-To Guide on Wearing a Basic Tee} Guest Post by Elly Bethune

Hey lovelies, 

One of the people I love the most as both a blogger, entrepreneur and person in general, Elly Bethune, co-founder of 9th & Elm, wrote a guest post for the blog today that I am so excited about. Elly started 9th & Elm right here in Columbia, MO and it just took off from there. Obviously I've got a lot of Missouri pride so a fellow Missouri Fashionista is always someone I feel relatable to! Not only is she here today discussing cute fashion trends, but she is talking about one of my favorite things ~ versatile ways to style t-shirts! Finally, she also wanted me to share with you that she is hosting a giveaway that you can enter to win $50 in store credit to 9th & Elm! Who wouldn't want to do that?! Enter here or scroll to the bottom of the post to get in on the fun! I will let Elly take it from here and share her fashionable wisdom with you all! 

Much love, 

We all know you can wear a tee shirt with basic leggings or denim, but what are the other cool ways to wear your favorite boyfriend tees and tanks!? I’ve got some ideas that can help you put some outfits together, or recognize some pieces missing in your wardrobe that you need stat!

The Sequin Maxi Skirt: Tuck that tee into the maxi skirt and blouse it a little. Also throw on a statement necklace with this look, so it balances out the loud sequin skirt and the tee shirt being so opposite of one another. A statement necklace isn't 100 percent necessary, but see how it looks. Purchase the I Have Nothing to Wear Tee here.

The Leather Mini Skirt: Throw this on with some tall pumps, and girl you are good to go! Leave it tucked in or let it out. I like both the polished and un-clean look here, so try both to see how you feel hotter! Purchase the But First, COFFEE Tee here.

The Cigarette Skinny-Legged Pant: You want to make sure these pants are tight, tight, tight, so the tee shirt is the only thing blousy here. Try it with a crop top, or a regular-fitted tee is perfect with this pant-look. Love it with a POP of color with the heels here. Try the cobalt blue like I did. Purchase the Hide Your Crazy & Act Like a Lady Tee here.

The Accordion Maxi Skirt: Much like how we styled the maxi sequin skirt, you can do the same for this look. Love the POP of color with the accordion maxi skirt here. Think it adds a lot to the tank giving it a dressier look with heals or a dressed down look with nice sandals. This look would also be great with a bright pink lip. Purchase the Wild Spirit Tank here.

The Boyfriend Jean: I love a good distressed boyfriend jean. Make sure to tight-roll those jeans, yes I said tight-roll like the 80’s (roll them high enough so they almost look like a capri skinny jean), and put on some baller heals with this look. Preferably a pump or one with an ankle strap and you could also add a blazer to complete this look. Purchase the Be YOU Tiful Tee here.

Colored Jeans: It’s spring, after all, which means we need some color in our lives after all that drab black and dark colors in the winter that float around our closet. So let’s add that POP of color with our bottoms. Whether that means jeans or shorts, it doesn’t matter. Whatever you feel like that day, let it shine with your new tee or tank. Don’t have any colored denim, try white jeans too! Purchase the Rock Me Mama Like a Wagon Wheel Tank here.

So stop wearing your tee like everyone else, and let’s jazz it up this spring! But first, you need a cool tee that screams you. Try out these tanks and tees this spring and bring your personality out with not only the top, but the bottoms, too. 


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March 31, 2015

A Walk in the Park...

Yesterday my best friend Lindsay and I decided to go for a walk at the park. Since I was coming directly from classes, I decided to wear an outfit that was both cute yet practical for walking around outside for a while. 

I decided on my favorite pair of Under Armour leggings, tank (no longer available) from local St. Louis boutique, Pulse, Old Navy chambray shirt (which is on a great sale right now!), and sandals (purchased last summer) from Target. The key for this time of year is simply layering. By throwing on an extra shirt or two, you bring both practicality and style to your outfits! 

Enjoy the beautiful weather that's headed your way and get outside and do something fun! 

much love, 

March 24, 2015

A Cactus a Day...

 I love cacti more than I thought humanly possible. Monday, August 25th, I started at the University of Missouri with a dorm room that contained two plants. One aloe plant. One cactus. Fast forward a while to last week. I left my dorm for spring break with a total of twenty three (yes 23!!!) plants in my room. You could say the obsession has taken over my life (and dorm room) a little bit, but I don't mind at all. While I will never be that crazy cat lady, you can be sure I'll be the crazy plant lady. 

Today, I was faced with a day full of beautiful weather and a clear schedule for the day so Dad + I hopped in the car and went to the Missouri Botantical Gardens. While I could literally post about all plants from the entire gardens, I decided to share my favorites, which naturally is cacti. So, I hope you enjoy a little beautiful + prickly inspiration today! 
xoxo + much love, 

March 19, 2015

{{DIY: Yarn Wall Art}}

One of the areas that I wish that I was better at was DIYs. While I constantly am pinning away ideas to my Pinterest boards, it actually takes a lot of effort to get up and do it. Something that I have been pinning a lot of lately though, is yarn wall art. So, I finally decided to get my life together and make one because a) I love the look and b) it's super inexpensive, and being on a college budget, I can't exactly be throwing money in the air for crafts (as much as I'd like to). So, today I'm going to teach you how to make yarn wall art! With this week being our school's spring break, grab these supplies and make something cute to bring back to school with you with all the spare time you'll have over spring break! 

To start, here's what you'll need...
~ different colors of knitting yarn (I usually use three colors, but it's up to you)
~ a dowel or a tree branch 

And now is the point where you're asking me, "Wait?! Is that it? Isn't there more?" Nope. Those are literally the only supplies that you need, so this ends up being such an inexpensive project, it's almost free! Let's get started!

Now that you have your supplies gathered, begin by cutting a strip of yarn to your desired length (mine was about 20 inches long, for reference). Next, tie it around the dowel like so...

Continue doing this and keep adding on more and more. 

Also, feel free to add in any and every color you want in your palate! I chose to work with my school colors to make a cute dorm decoration, but you can choose anything! 

Once you're finished adding yarn on, tie a longer yarn on either end of the dowel in order to hang it up on the wall as a decoration. 

Here's the finished product along with a couple canvases to show our school spirit. 

Let me know if you have any questions and I can't wait to see your interpretations of the look! 
xoxo + much love, 

February 10, 2015

It's Just Around the Corner...

It seems like it was just yesterday when I sat down to write a post about my senior prom experience. Now almost a year later, I can't help but look back at those pictures from time to time and think about the incredible night of fun and laughter that I shared with my best friends. As we gear up for the next season of prom and the search begins for those perfect formal dresses, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite things about prom!

Last year, I wore an emerald green embellished dress seen below. I accessorized with an embellished headband, drop dangle earrings and ballet flats since I felt that the dress brought a lot of attention to itself without any other statement accessories really being needed.

When I think about all the nights out of my high school experience, senior prom is probably the most fun night I had out of all four years. I want you to have that kind of a prom experience, too. As you can see from the photos below, each girl in my friend group had a very different dress that really reflected each of our own personal style's. I think that more than anything, you should pick a dress that really is you in a nutshell. That is really one way to ensure that you'll feel and look your best, and just shine of confidence on prom night! Check out the photos below as well as my favorite website for prom dresses for a variety of different personal styles, Fame & Partners.

Now as you head into prom season, I hope you find the perfect dress that just screams your name!
much love + xx,

*While this post is a sponsored post, all thoughts, ideas and content are my own*

February 9, 2015

My Top Valentine's Day Picks + Win $500!

Whether you're in a relationship or not, Valentine's Day is approaching quickly. Whether you're looking forward to Valentine's Day to celebrate with your significant other or if you're gearing up for a top-notch Galentine's Day (click the link to enter to win a $500 giveaway for Galentine's Day!) with your besties, nothing feels better than a little pampering. So, here's my guide to several of my favorite things to make you feel extra stylish and fun!

Valentine's Day

1. This ultra chic and sexy robe from Adore Me $40

2. "The Kiss" lip scrub  from Lush $10

3. heart sunglasses from Kate Spade$165

4. "Shut Up + Kiss Me" wristlet from Express $25

5. Pink Perforated Pumps from Francesca's $54

6. Urban Decay Lipstick from Sephora $22

7. Red Shift Dress from Topshop $45

8. iPhone 5 Case from Altar'd State $25

Well, there you have it! Whether you're shopping for your friends or splurging on yourself, here are my top picks for the best looks for this Valentine's Day season!
Enjoy the day, either way!
xx + much love,

February 6, 2015

Madewell Does It Again...

One of my favorite stores in the entire world is Madewell. Of course I've longingly browsed their website for years, but recently, a brand new Madewell store came to St. Louis. Since then, I've been trekking to the store to take in the hippie - chic vibes of J.Crew's little sister. Then, today, Madewell released some exciting news...

On February 24th, the company will begin selling pieces through Nordstrom and Net-a-Porter! I was so thrilled to hear this news because Nordstrom is another favorite store of mine, so to see this marriage of companies is just some great news to hear! Will you be shopping any of the Madewell collections at Nordstrom or Net-a-Porter? I can't wait for February can't come soon enough! In the mean time, take a peek at some of my latest Madewell favorites! 

Much love + xoxo,

Madewell Favorites

1. Madewell 1937 Embroidered Hat $20

2. Washed Leather backpack $228

3. the sylvain heel $178

4.  skinny overalls $158

5. stitched peasant top $98

6. arrowstack necklace $55

7. The Zip transport tote $188

8. caspian statement earrings $28

February 5, 2015

When Stacey Made Me Cry...

If you clicked on this post expecting a gushing and emotional post about an arch rival of mine named Stacey who treated me so badly that I cried, you are severely mistaken. Sorry to disappoint you! The Stacey I am talking about is none other than Stacey Bendet, designer of Alice + Olivia. And the reason why I cried, I have a story for you. 

For a long time, I think I was always drawn to Alice + Olivia simply because it had "Olivia" in the name and I felt some kind of inherent connection to the brand. But, after I researched the company several months ago for a class, I realized that no, I actually think that they are one of my favorite companies for all kinds of reasons. 

Back in September, when Bendet released her Spring 2015 collection, I almost had a mini heart attack. Just simply gazing at runway photos made my heart skip a beat. However, lately pictures of pieces from the collection keep reappearing in articles I've read or on social media posts I'm subscribed to. Seeing this constant barrage of the collection is just too much for my sensitive self to handle. So, I searched the collection online again just to take another peek at the photos again. Let's just say that some tears were shed. 

The thought process behind this collection is so intimate, and I love the depth that it required. For example, Bendet took a painting by one of her best friends and turned it into a reoccurring print throughout the collection. Additionally, Bendet took inspiration from her mother's closet when she added in some specific details to the garments such as handkerchief dresses, culottes, and tea dresses. When designers create pieces with such significant meanings behind them, it adds more layers and depth to my opinion of the collection, which is exactly what happened here. Let me just show you some looks that gave me butterflies...

xoxo + much love, 

all photos provided courtesy of alice + olivia

January 30, 2015

Favorite Music Friday

Hello lovelies, 

Since "Syllabus Week" is officially over and first semester is officially in full swing, it's time to get down to business. Historically, second semester has always been the worse semester GPA-wise for me. Always. I don't know why, but I think I get a little too comfortable with the way my grades were first semester and then I don't put enough effort into second semester as I should. And hey. There's spring break to distract me. And summer. So there's that. But while I can make excuses all day about why I might not do as well second semester, I need to get a grip. Time to get to it and study study study. 

Music has always been an extremely vital thing that has helped me study better. My weekends consist of perfecting my Spotify playlists so that I can have the most perfectly curated playlists as possible when I'm studying. Here is my second semester playlist that I have decided to share with you all, since, we all could use a little motivation to get our act together, whether it be in school, work or just life in general! Happy listening! 

xoxo + much love,

December 4, 2014

Winter Street Style...

Over the past couple of weeks, the weather has gotten quite chilly here at the University of Missouri! Because of this, it would be so easy to fall into the ease of wearing sweatpants and a hoodie to class...but who wants to do that when you can look stylish? For this post, I wanted to show you an outfit that my roommate Maia typically wears. Not only is it adorably preppy, but it's also cozy and comfortable! 

Here, Maia is wearing Bean Boots from L.L. Bean , the ever popular boot here on our campus. She layers leggings and sweater socks under the Bean Boots to keep her feet nice and warm (another plus about the boots are that they are both warm and waterproof!

I just thought her outfit was too cute not to share because it's a great look that's comfy enough to wear  to classes, yet cute enough to transition from class into an evening event or a dinner date!

A cute pair of Bean Boots are definitely on my Christmas list for this year because I've been so in love with every single look that Maia pulls together, simply setting the Bean Boots as the focal point of her outfit!

   xoxo + much love,

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